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So this is abit of a whim setting up this blog even if no-one reads it it’s a place for me to rant & express my new life with a frustrating chronic illness & pretty much the rest of my life too.

I’m Keely I’m 30 I’m mum to Ben who’s 12 (yes I was young) and Jacob who is 10. I’m also a fur mum to whiskaas and tubby (Instagram- tubby_the_maine) both aged 7 😻. Partner to Simon or the man child lol.

So my journey started on the 16th of September with back ache which stopped me from walking well or far which started snow balling very quickly trip to hospital in an ambulance with lack of answers until fybromyalgia was mentioned which I was a walking advert for … felt like my life had been taken from me a life of pain isn’t a life trying to be a mum and a partner just wasn’t working.

A happy medium is beginning to be met now apart from continuous pain, fatigue & the fact a bath knackered me out. Ive found a good doctor who has sorted my meds that i am now having more comfy days than bad days but still not my old life.

I try to blog every day sometimes more than once you lucky ducks i do try to be funny lol & i swear alot wooops lol πŸ˜€

Finally diagnosed March 13th 2018 πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Fibromomma29 πŸ˜šπŸ’œ

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So I’ve got of track lately

Been very anti fibro lately with my post alot gone on (my angry sweary blogs get more likes than my moany ones πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ) I’ve got back to the point of struggling to except that I have it again it’s been 6 nearly 7months I’ve had to give up everything I love… it might be the fact that the gym has a no joining fee and pay Β£5 this month that makes me really want to go back but who would I be kidding I can’t walk far I have to save all my energy for the trips that I need to go on like cbt & doctors and little trips with the kids. I’m sucking at eating right if I’m not asleep I wanna scoff my face with shit such a comfort eater so gotta try again with my excersice bike & eating better. I still get new shit with fibro every week crippling headache nausea and this week’s little doozer vertigo πŸŽ‰ I’m fed up of this oh I know people with fibro can get on with it have normal ish lives this shit has layed me out I can’t cook anymore even the washing up is hell I mean who knew standing on your feet for 5mins makes you cry in agony. It might be the age thing too I was just getting my shit back together after 3years shoulder recovery then bamm more shit but this time not much hope it’s a shitter I’ve just found my ex boss nolonger works at the place i worked so could get my job back but I don’t know what happens from day today I hope shit improves from this. Some days I’m positive next day I can’t be flares happen pain sets in.

Anyway should end my moan

πŸ’œ fibro momma πŸ’œ

I don’t know wether to..

Kiss me or slap me πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I am not the same person from before September 16th by my own words I’m a really miserable bitch 100% of the time but on one hand I like it because I take no shit & the other hand I hate it coz I’m so much more angry now πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I’m sure that will pass the more I get used to the shit storm that is chronic illness I bloody hope it does … I’m still in the stage of getting new symtoms/issues every week this week is vertigo – 3days so far only had it once before it lasted until I got meds I hope this isn’t the case my app is on Thursday. Tinnitus is popping up more & more. And spent most the week having a massive ibs issue ugh. I’ve got to go out 5 days next week ugh 5 bloody days

Monday – pay day so food shop

Tuesday – cbt for 3.5 hours

Wednesday- should be Jacob’s parents evening

Thursday- doctors πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Friday- off to moms to see them & the brother (yey)

I’ve wrote it down so I won’t forget and can look back 🀣🀣🀣 my brain is pretty shit today too man child tested me on the 10 yr olds spellings and I couldn’t get the letter f 🀣🀣🀣

Pain changes people right ?

So I received an apology today & before fibro i would of said it’s ok don’t worry I’m sorry too but now since fibro I’m not even going to reply I’ve turned into a person that just doesn’t want to know people anymore I mean my whole family bar grandma leaves us out because we have “no money” but if we were told we would save but no we don’t even get asked auntie went to mum’s at the weekend so did my brother did we even get asked or told nope as always. And you know what I’m sick to death of it they prefer to be with friends all the time than even seeing there grandchildren the novelty wore off right !!! The kids know this they figured it out themselves they ain’t silly. So next Friday the meet at my mother’s that we actually got invited too my fella can’t wait I just need to go calm or the world will freeze over with my rath 🀣🀣🀣🀣 fed up of having to lie & be fake can’t stand that in people let alone in myself. Pray pray and pray for me that my temper stays intact & I will give into drink coz shit will kick off 🀣🀣🀣🀣

πŸ’œ angry mom lol πŸ’œ

Angry blogger

I should change my name or hold my tongue every time I go on a rant my views go nuts. I’m not angry all the time I’ve had enough tho tbh always get taken for a bloody mug coz I can’t be arsed with hassle maybe I should start sticking up for my self & not being walked over. We as a family have more to worry about then other people that cba with us. Maybe I should step away from blogging I’m not paticuly coming out looking good am I.

Pain makes you pretty angry tho at times you make a bigger deal maybe. Over tierd ? Not like sleep comes easy these days 😫😫

Can say one thing tho next Friday is gunna be fun a wonderful family meeting. πŸŽ‰ fake fake fake fake fake 😴😴😴😴

πŸ’œ angry fibro momma πŸ’œ

Super 🌟 😍

Really proud of this one today he didn’t flinch or cry or even moan having his blood test 😍 he’s had another day off today because of his stomach pain thought it may have been a hospital job today he was doubled over in pain he went back to sleep for a while too which NEVER happens.


Oh fuck off love

So it’s my brothers birthday today I put this picture up on Facebook I received a shitty message of his dickhead of a fiancee saying “why would u do that we lost a baby we don’t like seeing baby pictures or scans ” I’m sorry I’m not heartless but you can NOT dictate to any fucker what they put up on Facebook you can’t stop peoples joy for babies they have because of the loss of there’s you can’t I’m so angry right now this is a wedding I don’t even want to go to because I don’t like her my mum will see it from her side tho always does don’t know where mum starts and my brothers Mrs ends tbh. So freaking angry I ruin my brothers birthday coz of her. Ugggggggghhhhhhhh

so I’m gunna add a little edited section here…. when her son turned 11 she put up a baby picture of him so why can’t anyone else I feel it’ slightly hypercrtical that you can but somebody else can’t. Heaven forbid anyone talk about cancer because we know to many people that have died from it we can’t stop people talking about cancer because of loss you really can’t. Not really calmed down on this matter it’s a catch 22 really isn’t it there’s arguments on both sides no-one is right or wrong but dont dictate to others or you will end up very alone.


Group cbt

Was long & painful I’m the youngest by far like most the time but with all the words we were describing most of us have all the same pains alot of them have arthritis a few work injuries an ex soldier who was injured in service and a couple fibro’s. Everyone in the group were lovley we had a laugh & a few cryed we all felt we wernt the only ones anymore even tho we know that chronic pain is a lonley ass thing to deal with you lock yourself away you begin a grieving process. I had a nap before I went I feel I’ve walked the length of rugby then took Jacob doctors then did some shopping as we needed food. My sciatic nerve has trapped abit today which is annoying & I’ve had painkillers can’t wait for a bloody rest 😴😴😴😴😴

πŸ’œ fibro momma πŸ’œ

Can someone else do it πŸ’‰πŸ’‰

So my ten year old has got to have his first blood test bless him. He has been having nasty stomach ache for a little while now I thought maybe trying to get out of school etc but it’s been very persistant. The doctor is testing for coeliac’ s & chrons to rule those out and we should get an appointment for an ultra sound to check just in case he’s checking the lot. Other wise it may just be ibs to keep giving him Calpol etc when he’s bad which is most nights it’s really odd we’ve not noticed if it could be dairy or gluten or anything else. The big thing is tho he’s petrified of blood πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ the children have to book in now at the blood centre so 2.30 he’s booked for so misses a little school which he’s happy about lol 🀣🀣🀣

Fingers crossed for just ibs as annoying as it it maybe the kinder option (you know I’m no good with words)



Oh my what a week not a very good one at that had a bottle of wine over the weekend ugh hate turning back to alcohol when something pretty shit happens but it’s out the system now I was praised by the rheumatologist for giving it up a while back considering how bad my drinking was. My cbt starts tomorrow 3 bloody hours of it …. then little man has doctors at 5pm poor things been suffering with belly ache it seems to be bloody continuous for him I have a feeling they may try & test for a few things due to family history with ibs etc but it’s defo not normal for the amount of pain he is in its effecting his sleep & putting of his eating :/

My sleep is a joke at the moment insomnia is driving me nutty followed by dreams i am fearing to sleep 😣😣😣 mass murders , mafia involvement they just don’t leave me all day they bug me but when I try to describe the dream I can’t 😣😣 I have doctors next week hoping that the rhumatologist has written to my doctor about anti inflamatories and that I can get those and a few other things we can talk about ibs has returned for my self bloating is so bad and I’ve not ate much today & my stomach is horrific. Oh what a health mess our little family are hey.

πŸ’œ fibro momma πŸ’œ

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